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Opening Fall Practice Period

(Kokyo's Last Practice Period at SCZC)

A short ceremony to open Practice Period, followed by zendo tea and Dharma talk with Rev. Kokyo. Practice Period is an 8-week time (Oct 16-Dec 11) for making a deeper commitment to Zen practice with the sangha, to support others while being supported by others.

Fall Practice Period will be led by Practice Leader Rev. Kokyo Henkel and Head Student (Shuso) Rev. Mushin Neti Parekh. Kokyo will be leaving SCZC in the spring, so this will be his last Practice Period.

The main events of Practice Period include:

Denko-e Sesshin: Embracing Mind and Transmitting the Light - October 18-20 (3 days)
Denko-e is a zazen and study retreat, celebrating several chapters of Keizan Zenji’s Denkoroku (Record of Transmitting the Light), the awakening stories of the Zen ancestors.

Ceremony of Receiving the Precepts (Jukai) - Saturday, October 26
Sara McLellan will receive the bodhisattva precepts from Rev. Kokyo, along with a rakusu (Buddha’s robe) she has sewn, and a Dharma name.

Buddha’s Teachings on Not-Self and True Self in the Mahayana Parinirvana Sutra
Sunday mornings, October 27-December 1
6-week class series with Rev. Kokyo Henkel.

Offering to Hungry Spirits Ceremony (Sejiki) - Wednesday, October 30
We call forth the restless, unsatisfied yearnings of our life, inviting them to be known and released – as well as raising the intention to nourish hungry spirits and deceased ancestors.

Zazenkai, One-Day Sitting - Saturday, November 9
Includes a lecture by Rev. Kokyo in the morning and tea with discussion in the afternoon.

Rohatsu Sesshin (Celebration of Buddha’s Awakening) - December 5-11 (7 days)
Each day includes morning teachings with Rev. Kokyo and formal oryoki meals. Please plan to attend at least two days, or whole sesshin if possible.

Buddha’s Awakening Ceremony and Shuso Dharma Inquiry Ceremony - Wed, Dec. 11
Everyone will have an opportunity to ask a practice question to shuso Rev. Mushin Neti Parekh to celebrate the completion of her term as head student.

Tea with the Head Student (Shuso)
Everyone is welcome to sign up for tea and informal Dharma discussion with Rev. Neti any time during Practice Period.

Earlier Event: October 16
Practice Period: Mahaparinirvana Sutra
Later Event: October 18
3-day Denko-e Sesshin