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Practice Period: Mahaparinirvana Sutra

Fall Buddha’s Awakening Practice Period, 8 weeks, led by Rev. Kokyo Henkel.

Practice Period is an 8-week time for making a deeper commitment to Zen practice with the sangha, to support others while being supported by others. To join, please fill out a personal commitment form (on top of zendo shoe rack) by Oct. 9. When Kokyo first arrived at SCZC, he offered a Practice Period class series on the Buddha’s first teaching, “Setting in Motion the Wheel of Dhamma Sutta.” Now, ten years later, he will offer a class series on the Buddha’s last teaching, the “Mahaparinirvana Sutra” – the final word, expounding the radical view of true Self, the one eternal and indestructible buddha-nature we all share. Kokyo will be leaving SCZC in the spring, so this will be his last Practice Period.

Culminates in the seven-day Rohatsu sesshin, December 5-11.