Sewing Buddha’s Robe

… right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration

… right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration

Sewing is a practice for developing concentration and patience, expressing devotion to the Buddha Dharma.

“Rakusu 絡子 The smallest style of kesa, shaped like a bib and worn around the neck.
The smallest of the Buddhist robes, the rakusu is made of five strips of cloth which are sewn together and suspended from the neck by a cloth halter. It is worn by lay practitioners and priests. It is received during the jukai or tokudo ceremony. The rakusu is symbolic of the Buddha's patched robe. In Suzuki rōshi lineage custom, blue rakusu are sewn for lay ordination, black for priest ordination, green for lay entrustment and brown for those with Dharma transmission; but these colors vary in other Zen lineages.”

Led by Rev. Gene Bush and apprentices Edie Brown and Rachel Grad

Anybody who is sewing a rakusu with the permission of their teacher, is welcome to sew with us. Please come for instruction or community.

Participation by those who need to sew an envelope, repair an old rakusu or robe, or wish to sew a robe as a gift, is also encouraged.

Class is usually held the second Saturday of the month at 2 – 4 pm, and the second Thursday, 6:30-8:00.

2019 Sewing Dates:

Jan 12, 17 Feb 9, 12 Mar 9, 21 Apr 13, 18 May 18, 23 Jun 15, 20 Jul 13, 18 Aug 15, 17 Sep 14, 19 Oct 12, 17 Nov 9, 21 Dec 19, 21


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