Cathy Toldi

Awakening with others, for well-being in the world.

Cathy’s traditional Zen practice included 25 years in a formal student-teacher relationship, and three monastic practice periods at Tassajara Zen Monastery. She also honed her practice through the rough-and-tumble worlds of professional group facilitation, and running a lay-based community Zen temple. This led her to articulate her teaching through what she calls Intimate Zen—attending to how we express wisdom and compassion in our interpersonal and group interactions, as well as receiving guidance from Great Nature, the other-than-human realm.

Intimate Zen focuses on the deep, fresh experience of aliveness: being exactly who you are—and, at the same time, knowing you are completely and intimately connected with all beings. It is the practice of coming to a deep understanding of the obstructions and releases in your own spirit, mind, heart and body—and then extending your insight and practice to include awakening with others, in service of promoting well-being in the world.

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Coming This Fall: Tenzo Training

Cathy will collaborate with Head Cook Mary Knudsen to offer guidance in how to cook for Zen meditation retreats. We will also study Eihei Dogen’s “Instructions for the Cook.”

Dates, times and details will be announced this summer.