Dharma Gates Are Boundless

Dharma gates include our sitting schedule, but also include service to our community, caring for the temple, study and boundless other opportunities. Here are some ways that you can enter with the sangha. Practice comes in many forms, each step of the way revealing more opportunities for expression of Dharma. 




We invite you to come sit with us. The Santa Cruz Zen Center offers daily meditation three times a day during the weekdays and once per day on the weekends. There are also opportunities for sesshin (1, 3 or 7 day sitting meditation). See our calendar for a current listing of meditation and events.


Come join us for a class, workshop, or lecture and learn the traditional zen texts. If you are looking for a learning opportunity or support group that meets throughout the year please make sure to check out our groups page.


All things are interconnected and arise dependent on one another. This includes countless beings around the world and within our own small community. Gather with us as we support members of our community.