Study Groups

There are several weekly and monthly informal study groups, based around different Buddhist or Zen texts. These involve reading some passages out loud and discussing them as a group in order to understand how they apply to our lives and meditation practice. Everyone is welcome to drop in to any of them, with no special commitment.


Mondays 7:45-8:30am

Breakfast Study Group

Led by Kokyo Henkel

Breakfast with conversation in the community room at 7am most Mondays, followed by Dharma study group with Kokyo Henkel 7:45-8:30am. The current book for discussion is "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind" by Shunryu Suzuki.



Jewels in the World

Led by Kokyo Henkel

We meet monthly to discuss some topic regarding Dharma or Zen practice, especially relevant to daily life in the midst of the world. One of the group members volunteers to bring a discussion topic for the next month, and facilitates the conversation.  All are welcome, free of charge. The current book for discussion is "Not One Single Thing: A Commentary on the Platform Sutra" by Shodo Harada.


Fridays 1-2pm

Koan Study Group

Led by Neti Parekh

Explore the koans in the "Blue Cliff Record", with Neti Parekh, in the zendo. A koan will be posted on the bulletin board the week before, with copies available. Anyone may attend any of the sessions, free of charge. 


Fridays 6:45 - 7:45pm

Ordinary Recovery

Addiction affects all of us whether we're still using substances, have stopped using, or know someone who uses. Join us to explore what we need to hold on to and what we can let go of. This gathering of supportive Sangha Members includes meditation and discussion.