Community During Times of Challenge and Transition

Sangha Net


Those Seeking Support

Support Net is for SCZC members, Sangha members' families, and for the extended Santa Cruz community during times of challenge or times of transition. 

These challenges include accidents, temporary illness, hospitalization, long-term illness, death of a loved one or death of a pet. Fellowship is also offered for life transitions such as starting a relationship, ending a relationship, partnership & marriage commitments, birth of a child, transition from youth to adulthood, and house blessings. 

This support is based on the individual's needs and the liturgy & forms of Soto Zen Buddhism. Please let us know how we can serve you in times of transition: 457-0206 or at


Those Offering Support

All Sangha members are invited to participate in this ongoing practice of Generosity – the giving of time and energy – forming a team to support each other and the community in times of need.

Edie Brown will guide and counsel team members in order to increase the skillfulness with which this practice is undertaken. Depending on your skills and time availability, your offering could take the form of preparing food, running errands, providing transportation or taking care of basic needs for a limited period of time such as childcare, cleaning or laundry. 

You may also be asked to learn and hold a ceremonial role. Please let Edie Brown or Gene Bush know if you are interested in making a 6 month commitment to this team.