Occupying our dharma position

Reflecting upon the two Precepts: A disciple of Buddha does not praise self  and A disciple of Buddha is not possessive of anything – Not  elevating the self and not holding to a fixed view require that we know our position and know what informs our view.  I have a personal set of conditions, and a personal set of dukkha; we also have collective systemic dukkha and this requires a collective response.  During zazen we are engaged in deconstructing personal reality and habitual tendencies; this effort is wasted if we simply reconstruct the same fixed constructs upon arising from the cushion.  Reflect upon this, seeing the actuality of causes and conditions, and the long-term ripple out effects of our actions. Not just my personal actions, but also our collective actions back into history – from which I benefit…. Or suffer. Or both benefit and suffer.  Our practice task is to recognize all of the conditions and respond appropriately.

four guardians
Eugene BushComment