Temple Practice


The grounds of practice

Temple Practice

Caring for the place that we practice

The Santa Cruz Zen Center has been supported by a long history of volunteerism. Cleaning, gardening and other work tasks such as these are completed with the same reverence as meditation itself, because immersing your whole self in a task is a form of mindfulness.

Sangha Day is a time for the community to come together and care for the temple. Join us on a Saturday every couple of months for a few hours of temple work followed by a potluck lunch. Check the annual calendar for dates.

Soji, which takes place right after morning service and meditation is a brief period of work practice. The doshi will distribute work tasks outside of the zendo immediately after service. As with other forms of practice, there are ceaseless opportunities. If the path needs sweeping, we sweep. If the bathroom needs mopping, we mop. Caring for the temple is an expression of reverence, devotion and single minded activity.

Please contact us if you would like to learn ceremonial forms and/or receive coaching and deepen your practice in working with forms.