Dharma Gates Are Boundless

Dharma gates include our sitting schedule and study, but also include service to our community, caring for the temple, sewing buddha’s robe and boundless other opportunities. Here are some ways that you can enter with the sangha. Practice comes in many forms, each step of the way revealing more opportunities for expression of Dharma. 


Weekly Sitting Schedule

Monday - Friday
5:45 am zazen
6:25 am morning service
6:45 am soji
12:00 pm zazen
5:45 pm zazen
6:25 pm evening service

Wednesday Evening
5:45 pm zazen
6:25 pm kinhin
6:35 pm lecture/discussion
7:30 pm informal tea and library open


8:30 am zazen
9:10 am morning service

5:45 pm zazen
6:25 pm evening service


Practice Period

Practice period is a time for making a deeper commitment to Zen practice with the sangha. Each period is led by a different practice leader and will have a unique theme and expression chosen by that teacher. Support your practice by committing to a series of classes, sitting schedule, sesshin, dokusan and more.

Sitting Meditation

Come sit with us. We have a very full calendar with three zazen (sitting meditation) opportunities daily and many classes and events. Check out our calendar for current events.


Temple Practice

Caring for the temple is an expression of reverence and love. During Sangha Day the community gathers to help maintain the grounds, clean, garden, make candles, sew cushions and other activities that keep our temple form.

Forms & Ceremonies

In Zen practice form and ceremonies hold a special place in practice. The forms encourage stillness interspersed with intentional movement. They act as a reminder that moving and not moving, impermanence and eternity support each other. By moving into the traditional forms we express the conventional within the ultimate.


Global Sangha

In the Global Sangha we practice with the environmental and social concerns of our community. Staying close to the body and breath, we take on projects outside the zendo that reflect the interconnectedness of the myriad things.

Sewing Buddha’s Robe

Santa Cruz Zen Center is affiliated with Zen Buddhist Sewing Teachers. Join us in learning and teaching about sewing Buddha’s robe.