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6:30 PM18:30

Sejiki Ceremony, Offering to Hungry Ghosts

In this ceremony we call forth the restless, unsatisfied yearnings of our life, inviting them to be known, cared for, and released – as well as raising the deep intention to nourish all hungry spirits in the world, and remembering departed ancestors and friends. Offerings of food are made, and we chant together for all hungry ghosts and departed spirits.

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5:00 PM17:00

Buddha’s Awakening Ceremony, Shuso Dharma Inquiry, Practice Period Closing

To end sesshin, Buddha’s Awakening will be celebrated with offerings, chanting, and circumambulation at 5pm, followed by usual 5:45 zazen, and 6:30 Dharma Inquiry Ceremony.Everyone will have an opportunity to ask a practice question to shuso Rev. Mushin Neti Parekh to celebrate the completion of her term as head student.

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