The Leadership Of The Santa Cruz Zen Center

Weekly Events

Breakfast and Dharma Study Group - Tuesdays, 7am

Breakfast with conversation in the community room at 7am most Tuesdays, followed by Dharma study group with Kokyo Henkel 7:45-8:45am. Currently we are reading "The Art of Just Sitting: Essential Writings on the Zen Practice of Shikantaza". All are welcome to either or both events, free of charge.

Koan Study Group - Fridays, 1-2pm

Contemplate and explore koans with Neti Parekh, in the zendo. A koan from the Mumonkan will be posted on the bulletin board the week before, with copies available. Anyone may attend any of the sessions, free of charge.

Ordinary Recovery Group - Contact SCZC ( 457-0206 ). Leave message for Rev. Teverbaugh.

A weekly meeting discussing Buddhist practice with addictions, emotions, and relationships. Short meditation, Dharma reading, compassionate discussion and support. Meets in the zendo and is free of charge.

Smiling Heart QiGong -Tuesdays at 4:30 pm

Smiling Heart Qigong is a 1 hour beginners class that will be held weekly at 4:30 pm in the courtyard (weather permitting).  This gentle, rejuvenating exercise can be a great way to shake off the residues of the day while settling firmly into the present moment just before 5:45 pm zazen.  AND, recent studies have shown that meditation practiced in conjunction with mindful exercise results in reciprocal benefits for both; a kind of "Spiritual CrossFit." Join us, and bring a friend!  Canceled classes will be posted here.

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

November 30, 6:35pm – Bob Stahl, Guiding Teacher at “Insight S.C.”

Shunryu Suzuki Roshi Annual Memorial Ceremony

Sunday, December 4, 6:25 pm ,following evening zazen

Rohatsu Sesshin (Celebration of Buddha’s Awakening)

December 1-7 (7 days), 5am-9pm (ends 7:30pm Dec. 7 after Shosan).
Each day will include morning teachings with Kokyo and formal oryoki meals. Please plan to attend at least two days, or whole sesshin if possible, to help support this most important retreat of the year – a chance to discover anew, clarify, and actualize our deepest intention. To participate, sign up on bulletin board by November 26 at the latest.
Suggested donation: $35/day for sustaining members, $40 for others.

Buddha’s Awakening Ceremony, “Shosan” Inquiry and Response Ceremony, and Closing of Fall Practice Period

Wednesday, December 7.
To end sesshin, Buddha’s Awakening will be celebrated with offerings, chanting, and circumambulation at 5:00pm, followed by 5:45 zazen, and 6:35 Shosan Ceremony where everyone will have an opportunity to come forward and ask Kokyo a brief practice question (ceremony will be explained during the talk). The evening will end with a short ceremony to close Practice Period. All are welcome!

How Do We Respond? Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Buddhist Practice

Thursday, December 8. 6:40pm - 8:00pm WithNeti Parekh

This open discussion group will meet regularly to share information, views, and insights into how our Buddhist practice can intersect with the unfolding global climate crisis. All are welcome.

Full Moon Bodhisattva Precepts Renewal Ceremony

Tuesday, December 13, 5:45-6:30pm (instead of evening zazen)

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

December 14, 6:35pm – Rev. Eugene Bush

Introduction to Zen

Saturday, December 17, 10am-noon.
A monthly introduction to the body & mind of Zen meditation and the forms of practice at SCZC. The morning includes sitting and walking meditation, and discussion. Everyone is welcome, free of charge.

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

December 21, 6:35pm – Rev. Kokyo Henkel

Sobun Katherine Thanas Roshi Monthly Memorial Ceremony

Friday, December 23, 6:25am, at time of morning service.

Zendo closed for Winter Break

Saturday, Dec. 24, after morning service - Thursday, Dec. 31, evening.
Zendo will open again on New Year’s Eve at 8:30pm.

New Year’s Eve

Saturday, December 31, 8:30pm-12:30am.
A short ceremony to close the year, followed by zazen and walking meditation from 8:30pm until midnight, when the New Year is welcomed in by ringing the bell 108 times (to release 108 delusions). Then there will be a fire in the courtyard, letting go of 2016 by burning names of the deceased from the altar, accumulated scraps, and old habits that we aspire to drop away in the coming year. Tea and noodles will be served.

New Year’s Day Chanting of the Diamond Sutra

Sunday, January 1, 1-2pm.
Open the New Year with a recitation of the Prajna Paramita Diamond Sutra, the wisdom that cuts through delusion, dedicated to world peace. Free of charge. (Regular zendo schedule resumes Jan. 2)