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The Leadership Of The Santa Cruz Zen Center

Weekly Events

Breakfast and Dharma Study Group - Mondays, 7 am - 8:15 am

Breakfast in the community room at 7am most Mondays, followed by Dharma study group with Kokyo Henkel 7:15-8:15am. Currently we are reading and discussing "Dongshan's Five Ranks: Keys to Enlightenment" by Ross Bolleter. All are welcome, free of charge.

Breakfast and Dharma Study Group - Tuesdays, 7am - 8:30 am

Breakfast with conversation in the community room at 7am most Tuesdays, followed by Dharma study group with Kokyo Henkel 7:45-8:30am. Currently we are reading "Inside Vasubandhu's Yogacara: A Practitioner's Guide" by Ben Connelly. All are welcome to either or both events, free of charge..

Koan Study Group - Fridays, 1-2pm

Explore the koans in the "Blue Cliff Record", with Neti Parekh, in the zendo. A koan will be posted on the bulletin board the week before, with copies available. Anyone may attend any of the sessions, free of charge.

Monthly Thursday Evening Discussion Group - Third Thursday of month, 6:40-8pm.

"Jewels in the World" with Kokyo Henkel. We meet monthly to discuss some topic regarding Dharma or Zen practice, especially relevant to daily life in the midst of the world. One of the group members volunteers to bring a discussion topic for the next month, and facilitates the conversation.  All are welcome, free of charge.

Ordinary Recovery Group - Contact SCZC ( 457-0206 ). Leave message for Rev. Teverbaugh.

A weekly meeting discussing Buddhist practice with addictions, emotions, and relationships. Short meditation, Dharma reading, compassionate discussion and support. Meets in the zendo and is free of charge.

Smiling Heart QiGong - Sundays at 10 - 11 am

Please check back to learn when Andrew Porter will resume free beginners' qigong classes.

Full Moon Bodhisattva Precepts Renewal Ceremony

Tuesday, May 29, 5:45-6:30pm (instead of evening zazen)

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

May 30, 6:35pm – Patrice Monsour

Half-Day Eco-Sit: Stillness in Action

Saturday, June 2, 8:30am-noon.
Led by Rev. Neti Parekh.
As a mindful yet active response to climate change, we will alternate zazen with the quiet outdoor activity planting vegetable seeds in six-pack pots to give away to sangha members and to the public. We will plant kale, lettuce and tomatoes. Encouraging people to grow food is one simple way to reduce fossil fuel use, and it is a way to help others reconnect with the abundance of the earth. Tea and snacks will be provided. Suggested donation: $10

Pride Parade

Sunday, June 3, 10am-noon.
Celebrate diversity with other sangha members as we march with faith-based organizations, welcoming everyone to practice at Zen Center. This event is a lot of fun; walking in the sun, waving to the crowd, and manifesting the interconnectedness of our community!

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

June 6, 6:35pm – Rev. Patrick Teverbaugh

Japanese Cultural Fair

Saturday, June 9, 11am-5pm.
Zen Center will open the JCF with a chant of well-being. While the fair continues in the park with taiko drumming, food and crafts, we will host chado tea ceremony, bonzai demonstration, ikebana flower arranging, and kimono show.

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

June 13, 6:35pm – Rev. Dana Takagi

Saturday Sangha

Saturday, June 16, 9:15-10am.
A Way-Seeking Mind talk will be given by Rev. Dana Takagi​
followed by questions and discussion. Dana is a Zen student, priest, and teacher in the Soto Zen lineage. After twenty years in this tradition, she still feels the importance of keeping the teachings simple, straightforward and accessible for all.

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

June 20, 6:35pm – Rev. Eugene Bush

3-day Genzo-e Sesshin on “The Ten Directions” (Dogen Zenji’s Shobogenzo Jippo)

June 21 (6pm) - 24 (1pm), at Jikoji Zen Center, with Kokyo Henkel.
Genzo-e sesshin is an opportunity for a deep exploration of the teachings of Dogen Zenji. Taught by Kokyo Henkel, Jikoji and Santa Cruz Zen Center will gather together in the tradition of the ancient monastics to delve into the Shobogenzo as text and as experience. A Zen ancestor once said, “The entire world of the ten directions is the radiant light of the self. The entire world of the ten directions is within the radiant light of the self. In the entire world of the ten directions, there is not a single person that is not the self.” Come explore the wondrous meaning and implications of these profound meditation instructions. $60/day, including lodging. Call Jikoji to register: (408) 741-9562.

Dedication of the Katherine Thanas Memorial Dokusan Building

Sunday, June 24, 4-5pm. Ceremony and simple reception.

Sobun Katherine Thanas Roshi Annual Memorial Ceremony

Monday, June 25, 6:25am, at time of morning service.

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

June 27, 6:35pm – Rev. Kokyo Henkel

Full Moon Bodhisattva Precepts Renewal Ceremony

Thursday, June 28, 5:45-6:30pm (in place of evening zazen)

How Do We Respond? Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Buddhist Practice

With Neti Parekh. Thursday, June 28, 6:40-8pm (in zendo).
This open discussion group will meet regularly to share information, views, and insights into how our Buddhist practice can intersect with the unfolding global climate crisis. All are welcome.